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1 in 200 women are affected by hypothyroidism, reporting fatigue as their main symptom.

Too tired to cook from scratch.

Relying on low-nutrient takeaways and ready meals.

Missing out on vital nutrients that the thyroid needs to function.


Are you ready to escape this cycle and learn how to Eat for Energy?

Do you…


  • Work long hours and feel exhausted when
    you get home from work?
  • Struggle to find the energy to cook from
    scratch every single night?
  • Get tempted by the latest trendy recipe
    book, but never cook any of the meals?
  • Have more gadgets in your kitchen than
    fresh ingredients?
  • Feel overwhelmed by the idea of putting
    together meals for a whole week?

You’re not alone…

Most women with hypothyroidism aren’t
qualified nutritional therapists or chefs.

And if you’re not a chef, it can be hard to
know how to cook a nutritious meal with
enough protein, carbohydrates, the right kind
of fats, and fit in your 5-a-day of fruit and
vegetables too!

And when you haven’t got much energy, you
want to use it doing the things you love, not
stirring saucepans in the kitchen all night.

But what choice do you have?


I’m Kate, the owner of Kate Knowler Nutrition, and I’ve used nutrition for over 10 years to assist clients unlock greater energy levels.

I understand that working long hours can make it all too easy to fall into a cycle of relying on ready meals, takeaways, and convenience foods, rather than find the energy to cook from scratch.

From talking with clients, I know that there is one thing that can make or break a healthy diet, and that is planning and preparation.

It’s important to devise a weekly meal plan, prepping and cooking as much of the week’s meals as possible at the weekend, and preparing ways to use leftovers, so that there’s less waste and no temptation to reach for a takeaway menu at the end of a long day… but when you have hypothyroidism, it feels impossible!

Which is why I’ve decided to do break it down into easy to swallow, bite-sized pieces

Introducing Eat for Energy…

When I work with clients, my number one aim is to make recommendations that ensure the diet is as nutritious as possible – reduce stimulants such as sugar and caffeine; ensure there are adequate proteins, healthy fats, and carbohydrates; review micronutrients like iron, B12, selenium, iodine, calcium…

But that’s easier said than done if you don’t have the time or energy to spend planning a week’s meals, and cooking different meals each day.

It’s so much easier to just order a takeaway or throw a frozen pizza in the oven, and forget about eating fruits and vegetables. And I totally get that.

But when that happens you’re missing out on IMPORTANT nutrients that are hard to find elsewhere in the diet.

This is why you need a way to save time and energy in the kitchen, and still get delicious, nutritious and varied meals on your plate three times a day, everyday!

And that is where Eat for Energy comes in!

Eat for Energy is a really practical and easy-to-follow course that will teach you the basics for preparing simple, nutritious meals from scratch, without spending all your free time in the kitchen and supermarket, leaving you to get on with living your life and doing the things you love, with the energy you have.

In fact, you’ll only be cooking a full meal once a week, and I’ll be showing you how to spend just 15 minutes each day getting creative with your leftovers so that you never, ever get bored, or feel like you’ve eaten the same meal three days in a row.

At last, you can put down those complicated recipe books that promise you a wholesome glow but require you to spend at least 2 hours in the kitchen per recipe, and list endless ingredients that you’ve never heard of. The ingredients for the Eat for Energy meals are simple everyday foods that you can find in most supermarkets, and are easy to prepare – no need to rush out to purchase pickled octopus or a 3 bladed spiraliser gadget for these meals!

By the end of this course you will have learnt about the nutrients your thyroid needs to function (and those it really doesn’t need!), how to equip your kitchen, and how to prepare a balanced meal without using your valuable energy cooking for hours on end every day.

And the best part is…. I’ve even done the shopping lists for you!

With Eat for Energy, you will enjoy…


Introduction Module

  • The science behind your thyroid, the nutrients it needs to function, and where you can find
    those nutrients in your diet.

Kitchen Organisation

  • Store cupboard essentials
  • Fridge and freezer organisation
  • Useful gadgets
  • Free downloadable checklist for your equipping your store cupboard, fridge, freezer and

Eat for Energy Principles

  • The 3 foods to avoid
  • The simplest way to regulate your portion sizes
  • The easiest way to plan a balanced meal
  • Why there is more to meal hygiene than simply washing your hands
  • Free downloadable fridge-friendly reminders!

How to Navigate the Supermarket

  • Organic vs Non-Organic
  • How to interpret misleading product labels
  • What and how to prep in advance
  • Free downloadable shopping lists and food prep guides

One Recipe → 5 Meals

  • The main recipes
  • Ways to get creative with your leftovers
  • Free downloadable recipe book!

Recipe Cooking Skills

  • Videos that you can watch, pause, rewind, cook, come back, rewind, watch, pause…

Healthy Treats

  • Recipes for two super healthy treats that you can enjoy any time of the day
  • Videos that you can pause, rewind, cook, come back, rewind again, watch…

How to do it on your own…

  • Tips for maintaining variety and flexibility while still saving time and energy in the kitchen

Plus… Plus a 1 hour live online group chat with me, every week for 8 weeks so I can help you
with any problems you might be having.



The usual price is £249,
but for a limited time only, YOU can pay the pre-release price and save more than £100!




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